“Elevating with Marcia” Podcast SiriusXM Channel 211

The best advertising is “ Word of Mouth”…..

It’s an age-old expression…..

And with the ever-expanding Social Media World….

It’s more true today than ever before…

Welcome to Elevated Media ESQ. and our Broadcast & Podcast Studios. Right here, right now you and your business, products or both are about to enter a new dimension of Advertising & Marketing. You are about to embark on a new design of showcasing your business, products and services; in a fashion you might never thought of or considered possible.

YOU are the Podcast, you are a guest on the show. This is the true essence of participatory Advertising & Marketing. Word-of Mouth in that YOU control the message about your business.

Marcia Hawkins Podcast ....”Elevating”

Each week Marcia welcomes a featured guest or guests discussing a variety of topics: From lifestyle, pop culture, health & wellness, travel, food, business—a virtual potpourri of lively, informative and engaging conversation.

It’s a one-of-kind concept as YOU the client are put at ease to talk about your passions, your business, your life experiences for up to a full hour on national/international broadcast platforms.

Her program featuring her chosen clients airs three times each week and is fortified with 30 different airings of promotional broadcast mentions per week.

“Elevating” with Marcia is appointment listening; a newsy-rich presentation replete with featured products, tips, suggestions, fun and sales for you the client!

Explore “Elevating” with Marcia Hawkins on Sirius /XM 211, IHeart Radio App and world-wide on the American Forces Radio Network.

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