Video Marketing; The Virtual Concierge

Using video to promote your business has its advantages—many bypass utilizing video for several reasons—time, knowledge, and cost. There are multiple ways to use video to promote your business. Conversion Videos; using a video to sell or promote a product or service on your website. An About Us Video to retain or convert a website […]

The Importance of Updating your Website

Not updating your website every few years screams to your website traffic; your content is not up to date. Think of it this way, if your website is your “storefront” for your clients, customers, or patients, you will not leave the same storefront up for years. Yet, many do. Your online presence, your website, social […]

Marketing and Advertising with CV19

Marketing and Advertising with CV19

We are in unchartered waters, but were not drowning. Many businesses are struggling where to place their efforts and money while under lockdown and reopening guidelines. While many have received PPE Loans and Financial Loans through, another spike in the virus casts uncertainty for many businesses. Online~ If possible, we highly recommend boosting your […]