Video Marketing; The Virtual Concierge

Marcia Hawkins

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Using video to promote your business has its advantages—many bypass utilizing video for several reasons—time, knowledge, and cost.

There are multiple ways to use video to promote your business. Conversion Videos; using a video to sell or promote a product or service on your website. An About Us Video to retain or convert a website visitor. Conversion Videos are typically Evergreened for website use.

Traffic Videos; created with specific content to index into the major search engines. Many say YouTube is not technically a Search Engine; we beg to differ. If you’re on YouTube, chances are you’re searching for a video based on content and keywords. Facebook, as well. They are categorized as Social Media; the truth is, they are used as Search Engines.

Social Media Videos and Lives; these are usually for a time appropriate sale, event, news, or milestone. Going Live on Facebook, Instagram, via a live feed or newly created video allows you to speak directly to your intended audience. Many shy away from live feeds and even video production due to vanity—commercials for TV, produced with broadcast-quality production, hair and make-up, and a director. For some, intimidating and public speaking is not for everyone.

Video used correctly can be a powerful tool for your business. Video can be the marketing and advertising tool that keeps on giving. Throwing up random videos, lives, and endless social media posts, without regard to quality and relevant content can turn followers off. The idea is to guide a potential client, customer, or patient to the sale.

Video Marketing is not difficult when done correctly. Producing videos that will retain, convert, create quality content, and drive sales, will procure long-lasting results, and boost revenue. Investing in Video Marketing to allow your YouTube and social media channels to be the Concierge for your business will be just that; an investment.

Cost; it is not expensive when done correctly. There are several ways to create broadcast-quality videos on a budget and still gain impressive results. Much like Payroll Services, Legal Services, and more, you can find one-stop shopping video marketing firms that create videos that will fulfill all of your marketing, advertising, and SEO goals. Content is King on the internet. If you’re pushing out watered-down content, you’re most likely wasting time, money, and followers.

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July 21, 2020

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