The Importance of Updating your Website

Marcia Hawkins

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Not updating your website every few years screams to your website traffic; your content is not up to date.

Think of it this way, if your website is your “storefront” for your clients, customers, or patients, you will not leave the same storefront up for years. Yet, many do. Your online presence, your website, social media channels, online directories, reviews, and more need updating and frequently. To ignore this vital aspect is a mistake many business owners make.

Known for its elaborate windows, Saks, Macy’s and other retailers use their window displays to entice shoppers into their stores. Your website, designed with the same intent, yet your website is available 24 hours. Many business owners, however, are not web programmers, and therein lies the problem. The chief complaint we hear, “I simply do not have the time or knowledge.” A complex website such as an E-commerce site with inventory that needs to be updated almost daily, we recommended using a pre-programmed site such as Volusion or Shopify, or hire an in-house web developer and programmer. For less complicated websites, there are options that make your site easy to update.

Simplifying your social media channels may also be regularly updated with scheduled posts, a social media manager, or discipline on your part. Small business owners that are too busy; it may be best to hire a social media manager as the cost to return is invaluable. Many consumers will search Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to prequalify a business, product, or service. The biggest challenge is content; many are unsure what to post. You can alleviate this by adhering to the 80/20 rule: Post 80% related content and 20% direct content. Related content would be posts related to the industry you’re in, current news about your industry, relevant product or service information, or general information that followers may find of interest. Direct content would be a targeted message to create a call to action, a click to your website, direct message, inquiry or call, or creating an appointment.

Keeping your reviews up to date; very important. To ignore online reviews can be costly, even good reviews. Consumers will write a review with the intent to be heard. It shows consumers searching for reviews; you are engaged with your business and care about how your business is perceived. Responding to reviews good or bad, paramount to standing out amongst your competition; more importantly, it shows you care.

Directories: Another key to attracting new business, ensuring your online directories are listed, up to date with current information. We see many companies listed as “permanently closed” because they failed to register or respond to a business directory inquiry.

While this all may seem time-consuming and a lot of work, it all adds up to having an impressive online branded image. Spending a few minutes each week or hiring someone to ensure these critical details are tended too, in the long run, helps with your online image, SEO, social media interaction, and so much more.

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