Marketing and Advertising with CV19

Marcia Hawkins

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We are in unchartered waters, but were not drowning.

Many businesses are struggling where to place their efforts and money while under lockdown and reopening guidelines. While many have received PPE Loans and Financial Loans through, another spike in the virus casts uncertainty for many businesses.


  • If possible, we highly recommend boosting your online presence, ensuring your website and social media channels are up to date and full of current and relevant content. You’re advertising you are open for business. Boosting online sales may be the way to go regardless of CV19.
  • There are effective means to get in front of your existing customers and attract new ones. Podcasting is a great way to accomplish that as well as posting your podcasts on Social Media Channels.


What Malls did to Main St. in the 1990s, the Internet (Amazon) is doing to Malls 2020. You need to adjust. Online shopping is even more attractive during CV19. Once events and festivals reopen, events will be a great way to remind customers you are open and ready to be of service. 

Video Marketing Services~

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words,  a video is priceless. 
  • Utilizing video is a genius way to connect, convert, explain, and sell. 
  • Using an About Us video, a video to promote your product or service, or a video to convert website traffic, you will raise your online presence, convert customers, and increase sales. There are multiple ways to use video to boost business. If you’re not currently using videos, you will. 


Branding your business is probably at the top of our list. The effective branding of your business increases the value of your products and services and increases the market value of your business. 

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to surviving, thriving and growing your business in these challenging times, but we do know this. A simple analysis of your hits and misses may very well reveal where you need to change, augment, and or even try something new to see what ultimately will work best to make in the CV19 era.

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